We Develop Sustainable Agriculture

In 2015, WNI began it’s first sustainability projects in a few small villages of Southeast Asia. It's aim was to guide the launch of a full time professional school to cover a series of basic essential skills. 

Most importantly, this school needed to be sustained independently, and embraced by the community. 

5 years later, more than 100 local students have been living in the school full time, being provided not only with food and dormitories but also a healthy living environment. These students are trained in basics of agriculture, community healthcare, community business solutions, English, teaching, computer skills, and others. 

WNI strives not only to train our students in sustainable agriculture, but to support the sustainable, empowered community.

And to best sustain agriculture, WNI has begun developing Community Business Solutions.

Community Business Solutions - Virgin Coconut Oil 

After half a decade of training students in self sustainable farming methods, WNI is beginning a social business initiative for the farming, harvesting, and wholesaling of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) along with various souvenirs, soaps, and residual products.


Indonesia is the largest coconut producer in the world, and despite the robust innovation and uses of coconuts, most locals have minimal training and access to global markets to share their domestic goods at fair market price and within fair regulations. In empowering our students and their communities, WNI has been developing sustainable Virgin Coconut Oil production centers run and managed by local students.