WNI creates global community opportunities pathways.

WNI seeks to provide pragmatic, sustainable solutions for our school and their community in Nias, Indonesia. Beyond work training in farming, social business, and others, our hearts burn when it comes to serving and reaching the community through friendship and engagement. After all, vulnerable communities are still lively, loving, and special communities all the same. It is for this reason, we are hosting a mission team every March and September for a ten-days support and education excursion.

What do our service trips look like?


Enter into nature alongside our local students and staff, enjoying one of the most magical places on Earth.


 Join in our ongoing projects in agriculture, community healthcare, community business solutions, English teaching, kids activities and more.


We invite you to join us on this adventure in serving local leaders, children, students and the elderly while making lasting friendships.

Railway at Night


Excluding airfare, this trip  will cost € 500. This includes accommodations, food, and transportation for the 10 day trip.

Want to join us on our next trip?

Contact the team leader, Diego Mendes at diego@worldnationsusa.org

for any questions or inquires about our upcoming service trip.